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WTM offers total solutions for automated lines involving pipes
CEO Greeting
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  • WTM Corporation started out as Segye Trade
    established in 1995 to provide automated
    machinery for all parts of production lines at
    Korean manufacturing companies quickly
    and at low prices.
    In doing so, WTM aimed to achieve its business policy to help companies in
    response to the rapidly changing world economy by reducing production
    costs and improving productivity.
    WTM deals with equipment related to pipes including pipe benders, pipe formers, cutters,
    deburring machine, hydraulic forming and wire forming machines, other welding
    equipment, press related equipment imported from Japan and Taiwan.
    WTM also sells equipment domestically and internationally for automated lines,
    knife cutters, 6 stack (maximum) pipe forming machines, SAW cutters, hole cutters, swaging
    line, mold design, manufacturing, tight R bending and all products related
    to pipes.
    WTM is responsible for installation, test run, and after sales service for all equipment it
    purchases. WTM will do its best to introduce and research manufacturing technology and
    automation equipment from advanced markets to Korean businesses as swiftly as possible
    and help them invest in the best possible equipment. This will help WTM’s clients improve
    their competitiveness in Korea and internationally to foster development and prevent them
    lagging behind in globalizing their operations.
    WTM Co., Ltd. CEO
    Kim Young-nam